Conversations with the Human Form
Solo Exhibition

Conversations with the Human Form is Zoe’s first solo exhibition at Top Gallery. Zoe was responsible for the creation and curation of the exhibition, as well as all promotional material and social media content. 

Through movement and gestures, we are able to communicate our thoughts
and feelings without the use of speech. By presenting ourselves through body language, we are able to indicate the relationships we have with our surroundings, whether they’re spaces or other people. Through body language, we are able to understand and respond to the status of other people.

I find myself fascinated by the human form and all that we can communicate with it. Our bodies are more than just flesh and bone that carry out tasks. Rather, they’re also vessels used by our minds to communicate. This body of work presents a series of studies on the human form that explore how the body is used as a tool to express emotion. Each depiction of form offers a different gesture, allowing each emotion to be interpreted without relying on words or facial expressions.

Conversations with the Human Form combines drawings and sculpture to express both the strength and vulnerability of our own bodies movements and how we allow ourselves to be read by our surroundings.